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The MCPC build is a custom version of CraftBukkit originally created by cpw. It includes ModloaderMP and Minecraft Forge patches which enables the server to load mods from the mods directory. Mods can used as zip file or they can be extracted. Since this custom build is directy related to CraftBukkit you are able to use any plugins that are compatible with the according CraftBukkit build.


All downloads can be found on Github.

Detailed Information

Originally posted by cpw:

So, I've been busy working on some infrastructure, the fruits of which labour are shown above. This is an autobuilding system built directly from CraftBukkit and Bukkit sources, but including core MLMP and Forge patches. This means it should be complete and ready to go, no labour required. It does however mean that we no longer correlate directly with upstream build numbers- because we're doing our own. This one is build 29. You'll know you're running a custom server: it's right in the version it'll report to you: "git-Bukkit-jenkins-CraftBukkit-24 (MC: 1.2.3) (Implementing API version 1.2.3-R0.3-MCPC-SNAPSHOT" (that's build 24 version string, we're up to 29 since then) note the MCPC that tells you you have a MCPC built server, that should be ready for mods to be thrown at it.

CraftBukkit++ builds

These builds use CraftBukkit++ instead of the original CraftBukkit.

CB++ by Doridian

Downloads - Source
Older Downloads

CB++ by nallar

Downloads and Source - Standalone MLMP jar v1 for 1.2.4
Additional information on the thread

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